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tv   Good Day Wake Up  FOX  August 23, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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>> from fox 5 news this is "good day" wake-up. juliet: really -- mike woods tells us how beautiful, how long cooler hillary clinton comes under fire for a new set of emails, thousands of them. juliet: police searching for the suspect in the robbery of an indonesian consulate on the upper east side. hoping surveillance video will lead to arrests. robert: sports betting returns
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football season. juliet: they have a lot of security. hello, robert moses. toasty and nice and snuggly now that i don't have grapes. robert: welcome fred back from vacation. like a weekend he took off, too much. is he still there? 71. juliet: 2001. juliet: you are going to pay for
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let's show you what is going on. >> meteorologist: the forecast high 81 ?, the normal high as 82 on the slide back down, 80 for your forecast high tomorrow. 85 thursday, above normal temperatures, toward the weekend, it may feel cool outside this is returning to normal going above normal starting tomorrow. 62 at central park, 48 in monticello, i can see why you would want to turn on the heater or something like that. in the city, push it a little bit. winds coming in at 3 to 5 miles
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little cool, we have not had a chance to adjust to cooler temperatures, that is the only reason to turn it on. clear sky here in the tri-state region, high pressure in control, not much coming. a cold front will try to dig into the area, bringing slightly cooler air in a couple days but it doesn't -- it is not going to be by midday. 80 for your high tomorrow. of ramp-up in temperatures, coming up at that time just a hair as we head into the weekend. let's get you to ines for a look at the roads and rails.
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go on us, bqe no problems at all. let's look at the commute on the lie, by the coast traffic moving find eastbound and westbound, construction going on closing lanes, cleared away, you can see the lower part of your screen is known, the lie in queens by the grand central pkwy. westbound traffic moving find, trains on or close to schedule, julia and robert. robert: a 6 person has died on the lie. juliet: she is 71 years old, the wife of the 81-year-old man who died in the accident. we told you about this woman in critical condition, she has passed away. the accident, police say happened because the driver of a subaru according to witnesses
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crossed the median, flew, striking two vehicles. the driver, his sister and his 10-year-old son died, your sister and your 10-year-old son and you are speeding at these excessive rates. also dead 29-year-old scott in another car, former governor cuomo, the subaru may have been speeding and witnesses corroborate that as it approached slowing cars in the work zone. >> health rescue people from of burning home, video of the fire, and the police department's facebook page, brian gay was first on the scene. he caught two of the girls in a upstairs window and baby boy drop down to him by a woman, the
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no one was seriously hurt. we don't know what caused the fire. >> the consulate has been burglarized. a man and woman got in the building on e. 68th st. through an unlocked side door. once inside they swiped a case of vodka, samsung tablet and keys to a van, they thought it was someone's house. police say the pair left in that 2004, tan colored honda odyssey. you know who these people are, you can call crimestoppers 800-577-tips. robert: the road to the white house, donald trump backing off his strong stance against illegal immigration? juliet: hillary clinton's emails in the news after the fbi uncovers 15,000 more. little doll and is live with
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>> reporter: good morning, hillary clinton dealing with pressure at the state department which once these emails to be released sooner than thought and donald trump's new campaign manager said the candidate was done with personal insults but that didn't last long. >> we are going to build a wall. >> reporter: before his rally he took the twitter to continue the name-calling. after he was republican candidate's campaign he tweeted that she is off-the-wall, neurotic and bought very bright. the day after trump's new campaign manager said this. and fallout over the private email server, former secretary of state colin powell was speaking out against clinton's claims to give her the idea to
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powell said, quote, her people have been trying to pin it on me. she was using it for a year before i sent a memo telling her what i did. on top of that the fbi investigation uncovered 15,000 emails and documents that were not disclosed by clinton's attorneys, pushing the state department to release the messages earlier than the scheduled deadline, mid-october. >> using face time instead of email. >> reporter: clinton addressed the issue on jimmy kimmel live. >> are you concerned abo t emails were released. >> my emails are so boring. i am embarrassed about that. they are so boring. we have released i don't know 30,000 plus, what is a few more? >> reporter: donald trump is canceled three campaign events in key battleground states. colorado, nevada and oregon is
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to attend multiple fundraisers in nevada and colorado but the campaign would not say what led to these cancellations. we will hear more today. back to you. ernie: president obama travel to louisiana to see firsthand the devastation caused by those 60,000 homes, 2800 people still living in shelters and 110,000 residents the registered for federal disaster aid. donald trump, president obama has taken some flack for not coming sooner but the white house says the president wants to make sure his visit doesn't interfere with recovery efforts. >> the president has been focused on a response and not frankly as concerned with the optics as all of you apparently.
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make us jump through all these hoops. some of us just don't have anything. >> reporter: hillary clinton plans to travel to the flood ravaged area but has not yet said when. >> dog and darrell, the do over help team in the world series. >> fast-forward 40 years, the former friends are at teresa viola takes a closer look, the cover of the daily news is shocking when you see what this looks like? juliet: look like a shell of his former self. they were teammates and once friends as well, darrell strawberry and white gooden in a verba joust, is doc gooden in the fight of his life?
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darrell strawberry, yesterday he spoke with joe piscopo on wnyn. >> relationship -- >> reporter: the relationship at the rocks when the two met grades were set to host an event together but doc didn't show. gooden claimed it was a personal situation that got out of hand but strawberry says gooden quote, a complete junkie, one that he has been trying to help for some time. gooden's drug issues have been publicized, strawberry is the owner of a treatment center in florida. the two men had been repairing their strained relationship, the subject of a recent documentary called doc and darrell, doc says
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>> some way, of picking friends. >> reporter: darrell strawberry is in the only one putting dwight gooden on blast. his ex-girlfriend penned a letter in the daily news saying, quote, you are refusing to accept any responsibility for what you are doing to your self, your family and true friends. >> joe piscopo has not read his ex-girlfriend's letter in the daily news, in part because he has these headlines, emphatically denies he has not used cocaine a number of years. >> a number of people said his kids are going to darrell strawberry to enlist him to help. multiple people saying that. >> his ex-girlfriend talked about his children, don't have money to buy food. and he mentioned that on the radio program, my kids have food
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what do you believe. >> a tough situation, doesn't make sense that darrell strawberry would say this stuff. robert: seems genuine. thanks. >> daily fantasy sports are back in business in new york state. juliet: three business after lawmakers pass temporary permits to games of skill rather than gambling, the companies will pay an annual fee of $50,000, 15% tax on revenue as well as well as adhere to consumer protection but all temporary until the state can design long-term laws, 21 steuben century fox is an investor. we have a lot more coming up
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railroad. i can't imagine what this is going to be. you can drop your tickets and use your smartphone. it often does or does not. robert: make has a check of the forecast. >> meteorologist: forecast is a little cool this morning, starting at 62 ?, the sun comes up, you will see plenty less wind than we had yesterday, forecast high coming at you today is 81 ?, just about where we should be this time of year. the weather apps at the itunes store and google play store, download that bad boy for free and put it to work and you can have all the weather information you need at any point, click away.
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robert: it is 5:17 tuesday morning. juliet: another nice one today. >> meteorologist: a little less wind?
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chill compared to the majority of the summer the last week, 48 ? in monticello, 50 in sussex, 62 in new york, 47 and islip with a clear sky and 65 in montauk, 2.numbers are down in the upper 40s to love 50s, very little moisture, would commence out. it is comfortable. scenario, high-pressure in control, clear skies, nothing to see over the northeast radar, plenty quiet in the tropics heating up, three things going on, this disturbance has a 60% chance, 80% chance of developing two named storms, guest on already is but it is to the west
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the atlantic waters. it ends of not affecting any land areas. for the day today a lot of sunshine on tap, heading up to 70 by noon, high temperature of 81 ? less windy than we had yesterday, makes a little bit of a different, tomorrow 84 with mainly sunny sky, clouds, not much going on with storms. if anything pops up it will be to the northwest so you should be fine, a little cooler over the weekend. let's bring in ines rosales, maybe construction type delays. what is happening out there? >> a couple incident, the parkway used on by 150th st. blocking alain, lie doing fine,
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commute towards route 3, hudson river crossing doing fine. let's go to cameras and see how things are moving on route 109 over hackensack river bridge, no problems in either direction, kuan is a little slow through 38th st. because of an accident, blocking the right lane and you can see this is where traffic bunch of the past flashing lights and prospects, traffic from the merge toward juliet: long island railroad. juliet: robert used to. robert: some days are better than others. juliet: riders on the lirr can use their smartphones to buy tickets. robert: it was not supposed to be available until the end of december but officials put it online yesterday. available for apple and android
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to check train schedules. the apps is available for metro north. juliet: a brooklyn man asked accused of killing any mom and his assistant, a police sketch proves that. the sketch shows the suspected shooter wearing eyeglasses but in court yesterday a lawyer argued his client wears contact and doesn't own a pair of glasses. morel shot the e mom august 13th in ozone park, a grand indicted him on 5 counts of first-degree murder. a lot more coming up. if you are looking for a flight to get away might be the day to do it. thinking about going on monday for halloween. robert: and i come?
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juliet: amazon is looking to shake up the subscription music business, the online retailer is getting services. the first would be unique because amazon would only let you stream free music through its eco hardware but that would be half the price of apple and spotify, the second service could cost about $10 a month and allow you to listen on any device. both services could launch next month. robert: if you want to get away to london, today is the day to start looking for your flight.
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today has a name, cheap flight day. forbes says it marks the start of a period when prices could drop 10% to 20%, deals on travel usually good until thanksgiving when holiday travel pushes rates up. juliet: facebook's founder unloaded $95 million worth of his stock. mark doctor berg has ple his lifetime and this is a step toward that. the money from the stock will go towards he and his wife's philanthropic venture. they plan to give away $1 billion a year over the next three years, leaving them at $43 billion to go. i would love to have that problem. kfc wants you to look and smell finger licking good at the beach. >> do you want to smell like fried chicken?
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introducing the kfc extra crispy sunscreen. juliet: this is a joke. robert: fried chicken chain gave away 3000 bottles of sunscreen that smells like chicken, all part of a marketing plan for its extra crispy chicken involving the always tan actor george hamilton playing the kernel. it claims to protect your skin while giving you a lovely chicken you think so? the giveaway is over but it is sure to show up on some reselling sites. juliet: ebay clamoring for chicken smelling lotion. that is crazy. your top stories when we come back, 5:26. robert: we will check sports and weather and traffic. juliet: entertainment. robert: let's book a flight to
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>> from fox 5 news this is "good day wake-up". juliet: cool and comfortable start. most places feeling like fall in the 60s, complete forecast coming up. robert: doctor c9 darrell strawberry's accusations that he is a junkie addict. we will tell you what is being said. juliet: hillary clinton in a pickle when it comes to her health, what the democratic presidential nominee to show there is nothing wrong with her. juliet: new sugar intake recommendations for kids. robert: it may be nearly impossible to follow recommendations. good tuesday morning. juliet: a gorgeous day
5:31 am
checking out the waves. it was excellent. robert: no one showed up. >> i got a bad knee. juliet: very serious condition. i was like is it possible so to figure it out. robert: it sounds great. juliet: it is not. >> meteorologist: to cool itself off. the second time -- >> meteorologist: cool you down on the inside. let's show you what is going on,
5:32 am
forecast high today, normal highs 82, close to normal, 90 to sit in 1916, we set several records in 91916. 55 ? in tarrytown, you dropped a 49 ?, there are some spots the drop to 40s and monticello. same thing in stony brook, 64, mainly clear up, another 45 minutes or so. hardly a thing on it. to spot a cold front that one won't be a big prayer for us for a couple days but we will see warmer temperatures and humidity pushing into the tri-state but for now high and dry and warmer temperatures to the south of us,
5:33 am
maximum sustain winds at 52 miles an hour, forecast to be, category one hurricane but it is in the atlantic waters, won't be a big player. sunny skies coming today, less wind, 81 ?, 84, 85 thursday, 89 friday, ramp up in temperatures, let's get over to ines rosales and check where problem spots are. qantas was one of them. ines: an accident west unblocking a lane, outbound lincoln tunnel close because of a tractor-trailer shutting down the center into new jersey. coming into the city of hudson river crossings let's check staten island, the expressway, traffic looks good, bradley avenue towards the verrazano eastbound towards gospels or
5:34 am
the problem. you can see the flashing lights by 38thth street right lane blocked, traffic, taillights bunch up before the lights and it is moving fine, traffic backed up beyond the merge toward fort hamilton parkway, give yourself extra time, trains on or close to schedule. juliet: the confusing road t the white house, donald trump appears to be softening his stance when it comes to illegal immigration. robert: hillary clinton asking questions about emails. liz donovan trump tower. >> 15,000 emails found on hillary clinton's server. the content of those messages
5:35 am
donald trump's new campaign manager says he was done throwing out personal insults but that didn't last long. before his rally in ohio donald trump took to twitter to continue the name-calling. after mika brezinski and coho cohost criticize the campaign he tweeted make a brezinski is off-the-wall, neurotic and not very bright mess this just a manager said this. >> on the outside. >> there is more fallout over her private email server. secretary of state colin powell is speaking against clinton's claims on the idea to use a private server, powell said, quote, people have been trying to pin it on me. she was using it for a year before i sent her a memo telling her what i did.
5:36 am
15,000 emails and document that were not disclosed by clinton's attorneys. a federal judge pushed the state department to release the messages earlier than the scheduled deadline in mid-october. >> when you use face time instead of email. >> reporter: clinton addressed the issue on jimmy kimmel live last night. >> are you concerned about that? i would be terrified if my emails were released. >> my emails are so boring, i am embarrassed about that, they are so boring. we have released 30,000 plus, so what is a few more? >> reporter: trump has canceled three campaign events in a number of battleground states like colorado, nevada and oregon but we are told he is attending multiple fundraisers in those states but may not be delivering speeches we went originally
5:37 am
not released comment on why these cancellations are taking place. live outside trump tower, robert and juliet back to you. robert: one of those with a planned immigration speech for thursday and as you said the speculation is why was it postponed? we will find that out. juliet: retooling the points. thanks very much. robert: jimmy kimmel also asked hillary clinton about her health. juliet: she said despite what conservative bloggers are saying she feels great so jimmy gave her a test. >> can you open this jar of pickles? this is -- >> [applause] >> has not been touched. juliet: that is like if it
5:38 am
i always knock on the side. earlier jimmy helped clinton's wrist to make sure she was alive. he joked he couldn't file pulse. that wasn't true. as you can see. juliet: she is clearly alive. robert: they were teammate and close friend but that is not the case now between dwight goodman and darrell strawberry. juliet: sad situation. darrell strawberry among others is knee-deep in a drug fueled addiction. >> saying he has relapsed and those closest to him know about this and both have been public about their past substance abuse issues but one is saying they have relapsed, we have the daily news coverage to show you this morning, this is what doc gooden looks like today and it has people asking is this man
5:39 am
he relapsed? >> i am an addict. >> reporter: the first words from dwight good non-his strained relationship with former mets teammate darrell strawberry. yesterday he spoke with joe piscopo on w ny in. >> it hurt a lot. reestablished a relationship. >> reporter: that relationship at the rock last week when the two metz greats were sent to host an event together but doc didn't show. gooden claimed it was a, quote personal situation that got out of hand but strawberry tells it differently. he says gooden is, quote, a complete junkie addict, when he has been trying to help prison time. gooden's drug issues have been well publicized. strawberry is the owner of a treatment center in florida. >> never said anything publicly. >> reporter: the two men had been repairing their strained relationship and were subject of
5:40 am
and strawberry's comments were, quote, unreal. >> a better choice picking friends. other than that. >> reporter: darrell strawberry is not the only one putting dwight good non-blast. his ex-girlfriend penned a letter in the daily news saying, quote, you are refusing to accept any responsible you for what you were doing to yourself, your family and your true friends. doc gooden went on to tell joe letter from his ex-girlfriend but his hurt by the insinuations because he has children reading these headlines and emphatically denies he has been using cocaine, he has not been using drugs in many years and he is fine, says he is okay but as you decca out earlier to look at that picture of him in the daily news it is quite shocking, he doesn't look like a former baseball player.
5:41 am
you throw in the reports the children themselves have gone to darrell strawberry. we assume. robert: mike is back with the >> meteorologist: sunny skies and wind yesterday, it was comfortable but a little breezy. nice and sunny coming to you comfortably warm. clear skies on the cool side. similar to what we have out there this morning. and 62 out there.
5:42 am
talking frost yet but it doesn't seem like it will be long when you see temperatures dropping into the 40s before we do start talking about it, mainly clear sky, high-pressure in control, keeping that sunshine around today. still a hair below normal, 79 your midday temperature, 81, 84 tomorrow, 85 thursday, peak of the heat friday, a little humid at that time, your best chance at storms doesn't look that threatening. on the weather apps, download for free. and a few challenges out there. >> the lincoln tunnel new jersey bound center tube closed. outbound, the south tube on the inbound side, gwb, watch for a
5:43 am
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juliet: a 6 person died from that horrific crash on the long island expressway. the latest victim of the 71-year-old wife of an 81-year-old man who died in the accident that took place in mantorville. robert: president obama will visit louisiana today, tens of thousands of victims the government will make their recovery a juliet: three companies cleared to the state after lawmakers lost temporary permits. 20th century fox is an investor in draft kings. let's get to stocks -- sports. there was an eventful stuff happening in seattle. yankees rookie is awesome, gary sanchez had an incredible night,
5:47 am
an incredible night. >> he had this one in the sixth. his second multi-homerun game of the week, he was named american league player of the week, first yankee catcher to get that honor since herman munson. pretty good company but the bullpen not so good. seattle's mike clears the bases with a 3 run homer, mariners 6-5 winning 7-5, not so good news for the metropolitans beginning a series with the cardinals in st. louis but without one of their starters. juliet: he had an mri and there was no damage done but he needs to sit out to heal. four companies and their endorsement deals with ryan lochte. robert: the owner of a laser
5:48 am
ties to lochte the contract worth $1 million, he claimed he and three teammates were robbed with a gun put to his for head. he apologize for exaggerating that story. the usa investigation back of his later claim, armed guards held at gunpoint and demanded money for a sign lochte had torn down with a language barrier it is unclear whether the swimmers thought they were a former yankee prospect smashed a grand slam in a minor-league game. not the only thing smashed. juliet: it cost a bit, brandon thomas of the gateway grizzlies sent the ball over the wall, it went flying into a truck's windshield and parking lot. who struck? his truck, thomas took the matter in stride, tweeted
5:49 am
beat the slammer 17-6. juliet, home of juliet jake. lovely town. gold medal winning gymnast race the man was asked all the time, this is a particular twist in the story. she was asked by a player for the oakland raiders and this is what happened. >> if you are ever in san jose and want to go on a double date let me before. he is very cute. i would go on a date with him. >> that is part of a segment with yahoo sports at the rio games. and along with teammate andrew east. and olympic gymnast shawn johnson and through them heard
5:50 am
agreed to the date. very cute couple. juliet: it will never last. spend so much time away. i don't want them together hope that. >> the american heart association wants kids to cut down on sugar. recommends children ages two to 18, eat teaspoons of added sugar daily. and kids. scientists believe it will prevent diabetes and high blood pressure. >> 5:50 on this beautiful
5:51 am
check the forecast. >> looking pretty good, don't have much going on, the weather is cooperating, clear sky, 62 ?, the sun is not up yet. winds from the north northwest at 3 mph, less than what we had yesterday. 57 in buffalo to the northwest of in monticello and danbury, in the upper 40s, mainly clear sky, quiet weather picture, there is a cold front right there but it is going to take time to get here. it is on the warm and dry side. it starts cool, warm in the afternoon but warmer in days to come because there is a more southerly flow that starts dragging up warmer temperatures.
5:52 am
today we top it out at 81 ?, 89 by friday, that is the warmest we get into comes down into the weekend. where did the backups appear and see if anything has gotten better for us? >> it is closed because of a stalled garbage you only have the north/southside, a minor slow down. 150th st. look at the lie, traffic looks okay. and expect delays, a little stop and go, construction wrapped up by the airport, as for your commute, there was a stall
5:53 am
traffic moving, backed up to the verrazano bridge, another stop, trains, everything on or close to schedule, street cleaning rules, you're giving me a dirty look. i see a look very intense like what is she talking about? >> doing a lot here. and didn't even rush. plenty more coming up including -- juliet: sex in the city. will there be a number 3?
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it's the little moments that make the biggest waves. kalahari resorts & conventis the world's coolest indoor wate. learn how to make their summer unforgettable at robert: time for enter news, the queen of soul will not perform at radio city music hall. juliet: understandable, aretha franklin has canceled five upcoming shows on doctor's orders. she missed tony bennett's 98 through birthday bash and the o show on the 23rd, she should be back on the road in november. last year franklin canceled two shows in las vegas due to
5:57 am
robert: looking quite stylish in a black and white dress by jonathan cincotta, talked about her time in the white house, the first lady is, quote, brilliant, witty, personable and the pop-culture icon. the magazine is on newsstands today. fans of sex in the city mister big says there won't be a third movie. juliet: mister big dashed all hopes of another sex and the city flick saying if it was going to happen it would have happened 5 years ago. sex and the city ii came out in 2010 and the hbo series ended in 2004. sorry, no sex and the city. juliet: did you watch that? robert: everyone loved it. juliet: the movie was cool. we are a couple minutes from the
5:58 am
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>> good morning everyone. ism like we should be listening to u2 another beautiful day today. sunny and warm. as windy i don't know which i kind of like the wind a little bit. but highs already near 80 degrees and 62 very early this morning. mike has >> president obama will get a firsthand look at the flood damage louisiana today. the devastation being described as the worst since sandy. >> pretty bad. >> five daily fantasy sports companies are free to resume business here in new york. the companies will be required to pay tax and fie tots state that is kind of an onis going thing, though. >> doc gooden is not pleased with former teammates claiming about his health. taylor strawberry was never


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